Zuku Learning to read Centre; the kids are learning fast!

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it” Prov 22:6

In August 2023, We started a learning to read center at Zuku community (the host community of Zion hills, our proposed retreat, conference and training center). The Learning center was established to help out-of-school children to learn how to read, and write. Many of the children in this community come from families that cannot afford to send them to school and so they have been at home, watching their peers attend schools. The Centre initially started with 21 amazing children. They showed up on the first day with their exercise books and pencils ready to learn! It was so heartwarming seeing their excitement and commitment as they were already at the center before the teachers even arrived.

We began meeting with the kids thrice weekly, teaching them how to read and write using the ACE curriculum and we hope to gradually transition to full school hours using the complete Nigerian curriculum.

Some kids in class

Currently, we have 20 consistent pupils. Most of whom can write letters Aa – Gg! And a few who can write numbers to 100! Each pupil is unique, and so they each have their strengths and difficulties. Our teachers are consistently working hard to improve the reading and writing of each student based on their strengths.

Pray for us as we continue to make the classrooms more learning friendly, for provision of resources, for skilled personnel, provision of books and other education aid materials the children can benefit from. Most importantly, pray that the seed of God’s word will sit deeply in the hearts of all who come to the learning center.

Kids enjoying a fun time of arts and crafts
Some kids with Mrs Monica Audu

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