Christ Missionary Academy Karasude: the Pioneer school of Christ Missionary Outreach ministries.

CMA Karasude was the first primary school that was opened by Dr. Bitrus and Monica Audu in 1993 in Karasude village, Adamawa state Nigeria. It has now been running for over 30 years with a lot of pupils graduating and moving on to higher education levels. It is always a joy to see them in their uniform singing their school anthem which was written by Monica Audu 30 years ago. There has been a recent increase in the number of students and their general performance is improving as they are learning to read and write in English. However, many parents still seem to struggle with fees payments, even with the subsidized amount and this has affected the consistency of the students.

Some of the pupils in their classroom

We are thankful for how much the school has grown and all the wonderful people it has birthed. Many of the current teachers were once pupils of this same Christ Missionary Academy (CMA) and it’s a joy to see that they are now giving back knowledge to their younger generation. 

School Teachers (some of which are CMA Alumni)

Some of the school needs include desks for the pupils, some of the classes need to get windows and doors as well. We are trusting God for provision for the parents of the kids to be able to pay the commitment fees for the children. Please pray for wisdom and divine guidance for the staff to the school, and God’s provision to be able to upgrade the school to secondary school level. God bless.

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