Our Mission Stations.

We have concentrated our efforts on regions in Nigeria that fall under the 10/40 Window

Adamawa state is located in Northeastern Nigeria. We work among the following tribes in the region:

– Zah people (We have CMO stations in Karasude, Minte, Dundung, and Zakure villages)

– Mijulu people (we have CMO stations in Wuduvi, Kurli, and Muvuru villages)

– Michika people (we have CMO stations in Michika town and Tsanza, Gra, Madzi, and Kopa villages)

– Marghi people (we have a CMO station in Vogili village)

– Vemgo people (we have a CMO station in Wabadama village)

– Nzanyi people (we have a CMO station in Fadanye village)

Taraba state is located in Northeastern Nigeria. We have mission stations in the following locations:

– Mararaban Kunini

– Gembu area, Sardauna LGA

– Lolofa, Karim LGA

– Loswazi

– Wuyem

– Kode – dutse

– Tamtiya

– Dadom

Gombe state is located in Northeastern Nigeria. We have mission stations in the following locations:

– Kaltungo

– Shongom

– Filiya

Plateau state is located in Middle Belt region of Nigeria. We have mission stations in the following locations:

– Ntoreom

– Gantong, Shendam LGA

– Zukku

We have ongoing work in the following locations:

– Hiduwa

– Dingleng

– Koubaje

– Karewa

– Badahal

We partner with other ministries to reach the people in Kyabe Lac Iro area of Chad.
We partner with other ministries to run outreaches, and leadership training in Diffa area of Niger Republic.


Leading from a Place of Intimacy

The Journey was birthed by The Leadership Institute California, USA, founded in 1989 in response to the desperate need for a new generation of Christian leaders with deeper spirituality, integrity, and compassion. It is a leadership development process that is rooted in pursuing intimacy with God for holistic transformation of individuals, families, organizations, communities and nations.

Attention is given to nourishing the inner life of participants through the daily exercise of spiritual disciplines and in extended times alone with God for silence, solitude, prayer, confession, worship, celebration, bible study, meditation, reflection, and journaling. This process is simply called “the journey”.


To see churches, seminaries, mission agencies, and market place organizations transformed
so much that deep unhurried intimacy with Christ, vulnerable communities of compassion
and Spirit-empowered mission in the world become central
to leaders and followers in these environments.


To help raise a generation of Christian leaders who listen to God, embody His character
and extend His kingdom in their spheres of influence by imitating Jesus’
patterns communion with God and community with others.


The Journey cohorts, referred to as “generations”, meet in six 4-day retreats over a period of two years. The process is very participatory as participants share with one another from own lives, leadership practices and ministries. Thus it is essential to be at every retreat in its entirety for this process. All retreats are held at Miango Rest Home (MRH), Jos, Plateau state. Retreat begins 2:00 PM Thursday and ends at 11:00 AM on Sunday.

Who Should Attend?

The training is recommended for pastors, church planters, youth leaders, parachurch staff, mission leaders, teachers, chaplains, government officials, business professionals, and all market place leaders.

It is also recommended for leaders who want to see their ministries reach to postmodern generations, leaders desiring mentored accountability for the cultivation of healthy spiritual and ministry practices, and leaders interested in developing expressions of ministry rooted in healthy spiritual formation, spiritual direction and leadership development.


Apply online to be considered for admission into the next cohort of the Journey Nigeria. Please note that this is a leadership retreat, and limited spaces are available in each cohort.


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